These are all the comics I read on a regular basis or just comics that i firmly believe in.
Oh, and one more thing,

Arius, this is the worst damn banner I have ever seen! As a punishment for such bad designer skills (he's a graphic design major for God's sakes!), it will not go anywhere when anyone should click on it.

This guy... This is the guy... yyyeeeaahhh (hic!)
If you haven't heard of Greg Dean just go back to living in your cave, on mars, with your eyes shut and your fingers plugged into your ears.
They're the same age as me. They have practically the same majors that I do. We should have equally good web comics and sites, right? Right?! Why, God?! Why doest thou test me so?!
Jeremy is a great great comic. Go read it. Now. It's amazing how few people have him linked!
Another strip I don't see enough links to. Very funny. The characters are so ludicrously developed that you can't help but become a fan.
Strings of Fate is the kind of comic that will kick your ass and have you crawl back begging for more. Much like that sordid relationship I used to have with "Mistress Jessica".
Very funny. Especially if you're a gamer. But that kind of goes with any 8-bit gaming comic. I actually laughed out loud as I read this.
Annie the hardcore gamer. The title says it all. Very interesting story lines and funny plot twists. I'd do her.
About, although not limited to, two guys in an anime club. I can relate to much of what they talk about since I started the anime club at my college. But yeah, good stuff.
Kiss the Pan. I don't know what the title means but man is this comic funny! It's one of those underappreciated ones that you stumble upon. I only wish my site were actually popular so I could get him more hits.
It's 8-bit theater, man. What do you want from me?
This is a very artistic and strange sort of comic. I think that it is fantastic! Very worthy of praise. Just go check it out.
A strip done by Raincoat Jones, one bad mutha... Shut yo' mouth! Baby, I'm just talkin bout 'coat! Then we can diggit!
A very interesting group of individuals do stuff. And it's funny. Go read it.